"This lady knows how to build an intro" and her song "Hooked" adds tones with mounting pleasure amounting to an infectious funk-soul groove", Music Connection Magazine, June 2013. This is what true music sounds like and you are getting a heavy dose of it", Austin Jeter Urban Magazine. The new album, produced by the amazing Soul/Hip Hop producer ZDE from Australia and Drea , is set for release in 2013. 

This Sybil of musical creativity, known as Drea, is one of the hottest up and coming singer, songwriter, producers on the east coast. While her years on this earth are few, the directions in which her life has traveled are many aiding in her ability to possess her varying musical personalities. 

Music has always been the driving force for this young musician; from the age of 14 Drea has been accompanying her first artist, her dad in her home state of Alabama. The new album is a myriad of live instrumentation along with production from Australian producer, ZDE. The combination of Drea's keyboard/synth talents and ZDE's production is a union that will open the ears of music lovers to a new world. That world is full of luscious harmonies, progressively arranged compositions, and infectious grooves. 

The album, "Trust" has been five years in the making and listener's have been anticipating her new release. Drea is excited, as this album as she states "shows growth in her musically and while making the album, for the first time, she could feel and witness it happening. It is an album that has its "conscious". Trust that you will go on a musical journey and feel it. Her growth was something that she trusted to run its course, only to find, that it was destined to happen, and meant to be.

Her style has been likened to that of the multitude of artists that have influenced her throughout her career; Stevie Wonder, Missy Elliot, and Sergio Mendez just to name a few.
Balancing the many projects Drea is involved in, her solo career, this producer continues to drive to make her mark on music history.